Rebuild: A sense of revenge? A sense of challenge?

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The internet is aggravating, especially for an average joe.

We need to evolve ourselves constantly. What is needed, or should I say ‘required’ is challenge and risk. Trying things outside of the usual routine makes me see things differently. What would that be? Lately, I have been holding thoughts of resentment towards my current jobs (AKA: Position). While I love the people there, I felt like I couldn’t stay there. I must do more and break my cycle.

I just don’t want to live life and die with regrets, even if I bloom late in everything. Besides, everyone always says to obtain and demonstrate new skills. Even in a world where we obsess over money. I could’ve been inspired by co-workers and niece, and also inspired by anger.

But what am I good at? Potentially, it is expressive art. Its something I looked into for many years but various circumstances prevented me a step forward. I’ve done music and acting, but not in my teen years. I lost interest; it’s strange how it stays with you.

I went to a TV related audition a few weeks ago, and while I did not pass, I was invited to the 7-month workshop where I can meet with industry experts. Again, due to my lack of resume, but potential. I was asked “Do you have the commitment?” Before that, I had to explain that this was a industry where you fail a lot and I had to bow my head and recognize that I had to keep trying. SO far, I went through my first workshop and this weekend, I didn’t do singing lessons (its a music school), but rather a basic outlook on the breathing technique and upper chest system. I think the next time we meet, we’ll do more. Ill have to be more consistent with my yoga.

But what do actors need? What is a good actor? If only I was something that does not conform to bandwagons. Something that isn’t temporary. Some dreams aren’t meant to come true; sometimes luck is a factor. When I was at the workshop, I quickly became charmed by the coach. The same with the music coach. You’d be surprised to meet people that you may have seen before. I overthink, especially when the youth are involved, but I get excited. I am, however, a bit worried about my memory when it comes to scripts and monologues.

Aside from the above—recently, and finally, I applied for the local gym. I’ll go tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

What else can I do? Audiobook creation?

It’s Very Simple

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Anthony Davis explains this very simply.
This is not politics; it is an insult to run as president with radical rhetoric, but then again, it’s accepted in other countries. If only life was that easy.

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  • Four reasons were mentioned so far, regarding physical and mental health, and the superficial components of a game such as purpose/genre and soundtrack. Perhaps these might be the most important elements of a video game as they seek out “being fun”. Reason #4 also talks about aiding those with physical ailments such as deafness and blindness as Sakurai Masahiro talks about compatibility in video games.

  • Increases reflexes and fitness.
  • There’s a game for virtually every and any person.
  • Refine, dedicated soundtracks that can tell a story
  • Support thinking and aid deprecating mental illness
  • For the 5th and final reason, thanks to all the above, it’ll simply be that video games/games can bring people together. From watching trailers, teasers and reveals, to the gameplay itself.

    Crowd reaction to NY Nintendo store (Smash Brothers Ultimate trailer)

    Compilation of Dragonball Z Fighter reactions (Kefla, SS4 Gogeta, Ultra Instinct Goku, etc)

    Not just in manner of finding a web of people that “enjoy a game/fandom”. Also, not just only in a fashion of online multiplayer and team play, but games has grown past the family home and the arcade, becoming e-sports and tournaments. However, the “competitive department” may only be enticing to the younger generation and give off a silly, repulsive impression. Using the term “repulsive”, I say that the displayed game might look difficult (or non-casual). But watching others play is something popularized from the corner arcade days, especially when it comes to fighting games. There is a gravitational pull to watch others work together. You ask something, “What is skill in games?” or “What is the best weapon or character?” Take the SNK and CAPCOM multiplayer beat up games such as Alien vs Predator, Knights of the Round, As a result, it helps convinces the spectators to play.

    It all starts with trying. Sometimes, people prefer to watch rather than play. Let’s not forget the transfer of games to family and friends such as trading cartridges.

    A scam? | The Witch From Mercury Episode 18 (S2 #6)



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  • Music and mental | 5 proper reasons why video games are good for you (Part 2)

    Related topic: 5 proper reasons why video games are good for you (Part 1) + Tribute to Urabe-san

    These are opinions.

    I really have to apologize. My last entry was July 2022 and this was meant to be short. In fact, I had to put it in my forgotten articles. Looking back on it, I realize that I put plenty of passion and detail into the topic, which probably led to me not working on a 2nd part in short time.

  • Increases reflexes and fitness.
  • There’s a game for virtually every and any person.
  • Only two reasons with intricate detail were expressed in the previous entry. I will try not to drag it out this time, but make my point swiftly and potently.

    3.) Refined, melodious soundtracks that fit characters and themes, and make you precisely feel the game as you play it. As years pass, many soundtracks get adapted by an orchestra, especially from the RPG series or action third-person shooter series. It could be electronic mixes or a few instruments like the keyboard. Sakurai Masahiro explained in one of his
    “Creating Games” videos that the adoption of both realistic music and ambient sounds fit the modernization of games; after the 16th bit genre of game processing, we branch into 3D polygons, CD quality sound, and full motion video.

    Sword of Mana Anniversary Concert (Seiken densetsu) by Square Enix. In recent years, the Mana series has been making a comeback and Square Enix is well known for its rich soundtracks. What is “rich” you wonder? Guess that term is often connected to something “Award-winning” in movies, to notable composers such as John Williams who make thrilling pieces. From Dragon Quest (Sugiyama) to Octopath, maybe that is the best guess.

    RIKKI’S Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t it Beautiful) from Final Fantasy 10.

    If you hear “Prologue” by Otani Ko (大谷 幸) from the Shadow of Collosus soundtrack, what do you feel?

    Nights into Dreams Main Theme (1996)

    Not to say that older music doesn’t tell a story or isn’t effective or good; as they go through your ears and lodge inside your mind thanks to the pitch and rhythm of their tunes, they can become just as connected, distinct, and memorialized. Music is still music, and professionally created with sheets. We cannot disregard them or disparage them because we are in a new era of games, especially as we shoot for near realism.

    Take Guardian Legend

    Everyone has probably heard of this one (Kondo Koji)

    When I think of Mario 3, something about the music in the 16-bit era that makes the hands on gaming more fun. It collaborate with the soundtrack; not just themes, but also the placement of stages. What do you expect to hear when you are in a desert or in space? What if you get a power up?

    Even in the recent Zelda Breath of the Wild and its sequel Tears of the Kingdom, the atmosphere changes or the music does when something is approaching you. It can be just as simple as entering a city/town.

    Some are just strange out bizarre and silly? Maybe the best term is “cartoonish” or close? If you listen to Earthworm Jim, do you expect something goofy ahead? You would be correct!

    4.) Covering music, fitness and genre, we are lead to health studies: Various studies find that video games CAN support thinking and aid lowering depression. Those in politics may disagree and state the opposite (that VGs causes aggression to an intent), but it has been often debunked that games cause mass shootings in the United States.

    Not just depression but any form of low mood or low energy, problems with sleep and irritability. But like everything, too much of it is addiction (or in these days, its a career or way of life). Games also support people with physical ailments recently such as deafness, blindness and even good for coping (ie: phobias). I will talk about that in the last entry. Once more, everything must be done in moderation.

    Video games could help treat cognitive disorders like depression and ADHD (NPR)

    The health effects of too much gaming (harvard health)

    The Potential for Video Games to Improve Mental Health Care Access (Rebecca Lin)

    Video | “Respect Diversity” animation series about INVOICE #STOPインボイス

    While working on an entry for “why video games are good for you”, this pops up.

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    The INVOICE movement of Japan released a short subtitled animation about this system, which is a high risk for businesses and entrepreneurs. There are six short episodes about characters of the Broadcasting Club explaining this system.

    Remember, churn out the demand.